"The local council have decided to waste council tax payers money by placing cones up every road in town centre to allow pedestrians extra room to pass queues into shops. The queues are spilling onto the extra social distancing area on the roads. Uproar amongst the locals as there is now lack of parking places and therefore causing 6 businesses in town centre to close. The post office has closed and it’s a 3 mile walk to sub post office at other end of town and the bus does not head that direction. The sub post office has only one worker at the moment and open 10-12 then 2-4pm Mon to Fri.

My neighbour next door little girl was knocked over by a car as the cars are being parked further up the street, and some parking on pavements, The mother was trying to get her 4 children into the car. Thankfully the girl aged 5 had bumps and brusies. A petition was presented to Aberdeenshire Council to remove the cones as businesses are suffering. They agreed to a public meeting today, however this morning the cones have gone and been replaced with water filled barriers. TheCouncil are not listening or respecting what the public wants. I have become more active in my views with politics. It’s stressful and time consuming contacting Aberdeenshire Council with questions and views., to be passed about and an answer of Sorry to hear about your situation, and advice to go to CAB o check if I am receiving correct benefits! Believe me no single parent struggling finacially does not sit and not check they are on correct benefits"

Alex R
Aug 20, 2020

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