Q12. How have the new rules and restrictions affected you?: "Honestly, I'm acting like the first lockdown is still in place. Much easier for me that way, I'm terrified of catching the virus as I'm not confident in my chances if I caught it. As such, sod what stupid rules government puts out (which I do read up on and listen too and, quite often, roll my eyes at), I'm staying put and keeping myself and my safe. I have no trust in the current leaders, I think they care only for their pockets and their reputation, not for the actual people of Britain. That said the fines scare me. Money is so tight as it is I worry that I might accidently break a rule and be fined. I can't afford to pay any fines, much easier and less stressful to just stay home and pretend the first lockdown is still on."

Victoria B
Oct 1, 2020

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