What are you having deducted and what impact is it having?: "Yes, I am in many forms of debt! I have been for some time, since separating from my husband 10 years ago but as a self employed single parent this has been an impossible spiral to get out of. Since Covid and lockdown it has become harder as I couldn't work from March-Sept due to covid and lockdown and now we are in a 2nd lockdown and some work is cancelled again. I am trying to focus on rent and food but other things may not be getting paid. I am also a student and I have not been able to pay my university fees or library fines. My kids need some basic stuff like shoes that aren't school shoes but this is all on hold until I feel confident that our income will be bouyant enough. I have had to have difficult converstaions with school about not being able to afford some things and at a time when they are asking parents to provide more kit than usual due to covid. Budgeting generally is opportunistic. Self employment can be feast or famine but we are definitely in a famine phase. It all very insecure and even when I earn money I am afraid to use it as I am so uncertain about lockdowns, work and our future. Christmas is a puzzle this year. I haven't worked out how to negotiate it yet. I have usually started buying gifts in small bits by September but I havent yet as it almost seems inapropriate tohave gifts this year in case we just end up in a situation with no money."

Howie P
Nov 16, 2020

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