"This past few days, maybe a week, has been the lowest I’ve felt during the pandemic. I think seeing my children actually suffering with the effects of lockdown is what is getting to me. And generally everything to be honest. I work for a mental health charity and it’s starting to affect me, hearing people’s struggles and not being able to help in a tangible way, or at least believe what I’m saying as I’m struggling myself. I now hate the home schooling, I’m not able to motivate the children as I wish I could because it’s boring and I don’t even want to be doing it myself. I’m really missing seeing other adults. I’ve made a couple of phone calls but everyone is struggling so I don’t feel like trying to reach out to other friends and ask for any support. I keep trying to think “this isn’t forever” but it’s been nearly a year and things are worse than ever. "

Connie G
Jan 26, 2021

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