Q11. What are your experiences of masks?: "We all happily wear masks. It’s become part of daily life and we don’t leave home without one in the same way as we check we’ve got phones and keys in our bags. My 17 and 13 year old daughters have to wear them in communal areas in school and college and the staff are strict about it. My 13 year old is autistic and could be exempt if she chose to but she likes the barrier. She’s perfected how to “smile” with her eyes so that she doesn’t need to move her mouth. She said she wishes she could do that all the time 🙈

My 17 year old also has to wear one at her part time job in a pub. She says she is pleased that it is now compulsory for staff to wear them because she felt uneasy about being the only one choosing to wear a mask at work before.

My 8 year old likes to wear his minecraft themed mask. We don’t make him wear it but he chooses to."

Rosie J
Sep 25, 2020

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