Meg T on 26 November 2021

Well it's been an expensive couple of months. Since July this year, my tumble dryer broke down (which I mentioned previously), my rabbit, Ragnar needed further dental treatment, the car needed an MOT, service & replacement of timing belt, plus a new exhaust & new rear windscreen as I had I minor bump which caused it to shatter & then my car broke down again this Wednesday just gone & I write this before I go to collect it from the garage. Oh! And my laptop broke down. So all in all I have had to shell out over £1600 in 4 months to accommodate all the costs. And how did I achieve this - reluctantly via credit card. I consider myself fortunate - I am now able to access credit, albeit at a monstrous interest rate of 35% if I don't clear the balance. But having been on a debt management plan with StepChange already & having cleared it, which I was really proud of, it's not taken much for the debt spiral to start again. What savings I had managed to squirrel away have gone on clearing credit card balances. It's relentless. It's constant. It grinds you down. What's particularly galling about my car is that I have qualified for a wheelchair accessible motability car & it has been on order since March. But because of the pandemic, my car hasn't even been built yet & when it is, it has to be shipped to the UK for the adaptations that I need. And the earliest delivery date estimate I have been given is June 2022. Meanwhile I'm having to keep my ageing car, nicknamed "Al Dente" because of all the bumps & scrapes it has collected on the road & financially it's proving very difficult to the point of almost being unsustainable. But being physically disabled I can't manage without it. Just yesterday I needed to send an urgent letter via recorded delivery from my local post office approximately a mile away on the other side of the valley. It cost £6 in taxi fare to get there & back. Again we are fortunate - I live in a cheaper area of the UK, but even I was scrabbling for change to fund the taxi fare. I could have taken the bus with some difficulty, but it would have taken 2 buses to get there & 2 to get back. And the service only runs every half hour or so & wouldn't have been any cheaper, nor would I have got there in time.

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