Have you been able to get outside more than usual?: "Me & my 15 year old love getting out & about in the great outdoors. As we home educate it's one of our go to activities as part of my son's interest-led curriculum. We have a membership cards for the National Trust & English Heritage - it works out more economical over the year to visit beautiful & historical places. We go waterfall bagging, wild swimming & walking usually. But due to COVID restrictions we haven't gone out as much as we would like. The last time we made it into the Yorkshire Dales, we went to Aysgarth Falls on Mothers' Day the night before the national lockdown. We ended up being harassed out of the National Park car park there by some chap who took it upon himself to questions our presence there, even though we were legally parked & enjoying a evening cup-a-soup. More recently, our ventures out have more restricted to our local postcode area. My son very much enjoys the Hop On Cycling club at Bradford's Lister Park twice per week, which is very low cost to us, but even though that was outdoors, it fell victim to the Tier 3 restrictions twice & is currently closed. Similarly he is learning to crew a canal boat with Canal Connections in Leeds - a charity endeavour to reconnect the younger generation with their industrial heritage free to the participants. But because of the need for social distancing they haven't been able take the boat out since March this year & have been forced to do theory work online. Obviously it's not the same. The pandemic now is severely affecting my son's psychological wellbeing & education as all the things he wants to do are currently prohibited. As for me, I have been trying to shield as much as possible since March as I am disabled & have a chronic neurological illness called Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM) similar to Multiple Sclerosis that may put me at risk, but because it's not so well known about, we don't yet know, so I & people like me are not yet considered clinical vulnerable. So I've taken it on myself to protect myself as much as possible apart from taking my dog for a walk, but because my condition is progressive, even my ability to do that has reduced even further as my condition has worsened. Indeed, my mobility has deteriorated due to the progression of paralysis that I have been experiencing, so much so I've had to walk my dog around the block whilst sat on on my mobility scooter & then with the current lockdown I've only been going out 3 times a week, which isn't enough for her. The past 3 weeks, I have been self isolating with my son, because I had spinal surgery on Monday 30th November & it was part of the pre-op prep. I'm home now, but because I'm in a lot of pain, I still can't go out much as yet & because I'm not allowed to drive for 6 weeks, if I need to go out for appointments etc, I have to take a taxi there & back, which is increasing my expenses. Additionally, I have to pay to have my shopping delivered now too, which adds another £3 minimum onto the charges. I am in receipt of legacy benefits, therefore have not benefitted from the hopefully not so temporary £20 per week uprating to Universal Credit, which would help massively with these extra unexpected costs."

Meg T
Dec 5, 2020

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