Q11. What are your experiences of masks?: "I must admit I like masks. I cannot get over the Superhero element of wearing a mask. I absolutely loved the recent HBO tv series Watchmen - for those who missed it, one of the issues related to the police in an alternative reality of 2019 wearing masks to hide them from white supremacists ( I mean how relevant has this become?!) So that is my starting point - I love the masks, and I'll keep wearing them even when this over I tell myself. It helps if you understand I wanted to be a Stormtrooper in 1977, not a jedi.

And my girls like them too - I work for the NHS and the local council so we got some quite cool "snoods" (along with "furlough" its a word I never ever used before all this). To them it is another fashion accessory. Choose your clothes and the mask to contrast.

These masks have the NHS logo and the Northumberland County Council flag (alternate Yellow and Red stripes) plastered all over them. They look really good - and are a conversation starter - "Wow where can I get an NHS mask?" How long ago was it a certain Prime Minister was arguing against the use of veils because you cannot understand what someone is saying? Poppycock.

But I digress - my point was simply I am not encountering any problems in using the mask. Even the lack of an acknowledging smile at work has begun conversations with people I might not have talked to before.

So I love masks.

But what I do not like is some of the rising resentment you can see against people not wearing them. The looks they get. Ok, some people might be resisting the loss of freedom. Some are rebelling. But most I have seen who are not wearing masks its been clear why - people who are old with breathing problems, autistic people with carers close by. And not all disabilities are seen.

I just hope this resentment of people not wearing a mask is not going to worsen as the public find it more difficult to keep to the rules. We don't need COVID to divide us even more."

Syeda F
Sep 23, 2020

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