"The kids finished school today but I still have some way to go until I can get a Christmas rest. The panic to catch up financially after lockdowns, still hasn't ended and of course there's the extra expense of Christmas to consider, which I haven't prepared for yet. I am so tired today, I really need it to be the Christmas holidays yet I am so far from being ready for Christmas. Working to catch up is just not sustainable in the long term but it all feels like such an emergency that the thought of turning work down is far more scary. This is the first year that I have been so behind in Christmas prep, I will finish work and then be in a Christmas panic. This year I have gone from financial scarcity to financial scarcity plus time scarcity. It's hard to see a time when it can all calm down again, but I am hoping hard that it will be able to in the new year. "

Howie P
Dec 16, 2020

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