"Today i had my first UC interview. Signed on Yesterday. Yes she was nice and helpful however i had to ask about the grant. Im a single mum with a 9 year old. Being told my first payment wont be until the 9th September and that it will only be for 2 wks income is daunting. Im due to pay rent in a week and another 4 weeks when i do get some income finally. Trying to navigate round the website and find out how i search for jobs after years of not having to look for work also, thankfully i do have a laptop. It not the most reliable source of internet and its not always easy getting the peace. Yes i did only get my last wage but that has to pay my regular debits and bills that it always has done and im now down my WTC which paid my rent. Now to go on the begging bowl in a few days to get grants to ensure i dont run into more debts and arrears with my rent, ive never been late or run a debt on it before"

Teddy W
Aug 4, 2020

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