"I have already answered this weeks big question but having just looked at a news story about it I felt the need to come on again. I always struggle not to write on the news stories because I would be there for weeks arguing back and forward with small minded people. A lady had written that she’s a single parent working part time and receiving Uc. That the £20 uplift really helps. A man has written under it have you no shame 🤬🤬. This is what I’ve said myself that Uc seems to carry a shame with it more than any other benefit has and I don’t understand why. How is it different. Some people might be getting it instead of housing benefit. There was never a shame in that. Some people might be getting it instead of esa. There was never a shame in that. So why is it this new benefit is shameful? I myself am in receipt of it and I’m in embarrassed about it. I just don’t know why. Does anyone else feel like this? "

Paige E
Jan 25, 2021

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