"Its about a week now since i started this diary of sorts. Today i had a phone call from the discretionary grant application, because i was honest and said i had some of wages left i cant get anything even though its left there to pay upcoming bills. Thankfully he was good and withdrew my application and advised me to try again tonight which i have just done but omit any remaining balance in my account. They will give me aprx £20.50 a day for me and my child for food, they wont give me anything to help with my rent but i could get a loan. i done a bit of research after someone had signposted me and applied for discretionary housing grant. No indication of how much i will get or if i will get anything at all or how long i will even have to wait. Such an impersonal experience there really is nothing to help people who have worked all there life, never fell behind with rent etc and now because of covid restrictions and having to apply for UC I fall behind massively. Rent support should kick in immediately at least to prevent debts spiralling. Even though i have a vision of where i want to be next year and trying to complete my studies, i just cant see far these days beyond tomorrow. Lack of motivation and self worth "

Teddy W
Aug 11, 2020

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