Georgie O on 26 March 2021
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Q. How has your children’s mental health been impacted by the pandemic?
Hi, answering the question how my children's mental health during covid? I think for any parent this is quite an emotional one to answer. My, as many people know and looking at my videos If you see them, one of my children is going down a pathway and I've mentioned previously before that having the time off for learning at home hasn't been a positive. She's tried extremely hard and it didn't go too well, shall we say.  Basically school bought her back in full time. But we're lucky. We don't have any major mental health issues. Nothing like that runs down our family. I'll keep busy. Not to put anybody down but I'm quite a strong character. And not that I hide things, I push through and that has an effect on my children anyway. if it wasn't for my child going back to school full time, getting the support she needs, I think I'd be having a slightly different conversation. And she's only seven anyway. So this affects children of different ages and different circumstances and you know they shouldn't really have many friends if any at all apart from one. So it's not as if she's missing out on that at all anyway. My three-year-old, he's three, he's happy anywhere really. So yeah not much to say on that one, I'm afraid.
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