Covid Realities archives contain a wide range of information that may be suited to different research approaches. We also summarise information from other places that may be useful, on our research resources page!

If you’re looking for written summaries of our findings, then you may find our briefing papers helpful. These have not been peer reviewed but present our ‘quick and dirty’ analytical summaries of key themes arising from our data.

These summaries give a very good idea of what our participants have been saying regarding particular themes. If these themes are the same ones that you’re looking for then they should be pretty useful!

If you’re looking for policy recommendations and professional views on key issues for families on a low income during the pandemic, then our blog section contains rich evidence and experience-based information.

Finally, if you’re looking to conduct your own secondary analysis (for example, for an independent research project) the most accessible sources of primary data from Covid Realities is our live archive of diaries on our learnings page.

This hosts all entries that are marked ‘public’ (with a handful of exceptions, for example diary entries referring to uploaded images which our website cannot currently publish). We have themed these according to a very quick-and-dirty coding process. However, this is only intended to give a brief overview of themes. As such, this archive is open to a more robust secondary analysis and this could make for a substantive independent research project.

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