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We're working alongside parents and carers to share experiences of life on a low-income during Covid-19, developing ideas together for what needs to change and why... this diary entry from Rosie J

Over 100 parents and carers from across the UK have completed online diaries and responded to weekly video questions about life during a pandemic, with many of the 2,500+ responses made publicly available through our rich, historical archive.

Watch Cat asking one of our weekly video questions

We're also collaborating with 13 other research projects, running webinars and curating a blog series about researching poverty in these new times

Here's Shirley and Caroline explaining the project

Over the past year, we've also made zines together, met up (virtually) for 'big ideas groups', recorded audio clips, and appeared in the national media and at high-profile events.

Who are we? We're a collaboration of parents and carers from across the UK, researchers from the Universities of York and Birmingham, Child Poverty Action Group and several artists. We're so thankful to the Nuffield Foundation for funding this research programme.

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