Nellie K on 01 August 2020

So Bradford has gone back into local lockdown. Everyone I speak to understands why, but it doesn’t stop us being annoyed about it. It feels like the areas the government decides to lockdown are chosen on their economic merit. Which means that children are impacted the worse. Open pubs, shops and restaurants are no use to me and my 5 and 2 year old. Their world is still hugely locked down - library, soft play, playgroups and playgrounds are still closed. And now, the new local lockdown means no garden play dates. We can meet others in public outdoor spaces, but it’s impossible to keep the 2 yr old from running off. There is no where for our children to play without 100% adult attention. My 2 year old was a late walker and only figured out walking in March. His physical development has been hugely impacted by the lack of safe spaces for him to run around in.

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