Syeda F on 23 September 2020

Did anyone else watch PMQs today (23/9)? I don't have a life as you may have guessed but - our PM was asked about extending the furlough scheme, the support for self-employed workers and the "uplift to UC and extending it to legacy benefits". The bit in quotes relates to the first increase in Universal Credit (generally) for a long time - years. Chancellor Rishi (who despite my left leaning outlook I am really beginning to like) gave us UCers an extra £20 per week in April to cope with the virus. But it was stated it was only for a year, and, despite UC gradually replacing the legacy benefits (Jobseekers, Employment and Support Allowance, etc) the legacy benefits didn't get this "uplift". Our PM gave a typical answers. Yes he was considering alternatives to the furlough once it ends, and support to the self-employed...and that was it. Complete silence on continuing the "uplift" or extending it to legacy benefits. An oversight? Did he not hear the full question? Or is this a sign of what is to come. If it is that it is quite worrying. I have heard of a number of interviews with people who have never had to claim benefits before who have lost their jobs and landed on UC. Only it has been artificially inflated UC. And £20pw, as I am finding out, doesn't go far when you are keeping the heating on all day at home, when you are running consoles, charging phones, and keeping your laptop on. And the kids seem to eat more when they are at home?

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