Victoria B on 30 July 2020

It's hopeless for people like me. We have no hope for better. We're not valued. The glass roof that holds the poor in place is too thick and too heavy. That's why I home school, well one of many reasons (main one being safety), I want my children to break free from the cycles that I'm trapped by. Of benefit dependancy, of psychological anguish and of the cycle of abuse so common to folk these days. I don't want them plagued by such things in adulthood. The idea of them being trapped by the same oppressive systems I'm trapped by makes me more scared than the idea of covid19. I'd happily give my life if it meant my children would have secure and comfortable futures. I'm a damn good teacher, I'm also quite the psudo philosophier, I think such skills can help my children to achieve better in life than I can ever hope to achieve. Its too late for me, not for them. The covid crisis has taught me that. Its not too late for them.

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