Barb I on 19 December 2020
Q. How have you been managing with the additional costs of winter?

Fortunately, I replaced my 15 year old boiler 4 years ago, with help from a government grant, although I had to contribute £250 towards the cost. The boiler saved me around 20% on fuel costs, per annum. I have thermostats for controlling temperatures in rooms, and close curtains when it gets dark, to keep in heat. I changed energy suppliers in March, saving around £30 per month. That was a huge help in our budget. We’re still waiting for the decision on my partners PiP claim, but applied for help with our bills in September, obtaining a £150 grant. Winter clothes for my son are an issue, as he’s grown so much, but I went online last winter, and got him a coat in the sales, which was slightly too big. He lives in tracksuits, so fortunately they’re cheap to pick up. It’s footwear which is problematic as he has huge, narrow feet and he needs school shoes. I’ve received a couple of vouchers this winter, as thank yous for various projects I’ve been involved with, so that’s his shoes sorted.

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