Have you had any problems in getting tested or self-isolating?: "I've had to sacrifice only twice for Hospital appointments and I've just had to take my child with me and basically isolated with her in the house. Either that or I would have to get her father to come and left her and take her away because it's absolutely insane and cruel to keep a child in a house on necessarily. The financial strain is another issue as well. Only for the fact that it was a medical appointment. And if it didn't isolator wouldn't get me medical appointment. I had to I don't know how I'd feel about having to isolate or tend to 10 days to two weeks. Today two weeks loss of income because I'm self-employed. I really don't think I could do that at all the isolation support fund here in Northern Ireland is it's non-existent and So I think I would. Potentially maybe avoid getting the test and just not isolate. Because I can't afford to."

Teddy W
Feb 6, 2021

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