Angie K on 04 December 2021
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Q. How does Covid continue to affect you and your family?
I am so grateful for this question to be asked, as for all my child less friends always try to minimise the experience of single parenting by saying “well you can’t complain because you chose to be a mother”. That may be, but not singlehandedly. It is truly when you are either caught in a tight schedule or, very often with Covid, get these weird prolonged colds and infections, that you realise how much easier life would have been had there been two of you. With my Son going to Primary School, there is no telling when he will bring home the Covid, or should I say ‘Omicron virus’, which would mean I can’t rely on a second pair of hands to help around the house of shopping? It times like these, in order to remain strong, I am reminded the children are going to grow eventually. The only thing I can do at the very moment I am overwhelmed, mentally, is to be kind to myself and take the rest of the evening off to just relax.
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