Ted S on 26 July 2020

re school dinners in brief I was getting the meals for child but some reason I was told to re apply I did same time as UC however I did not get anything for 5 weeks 8th may I got one was first. whole system was hit and miss i am a single dad their was mothers getting food parcels as well as vouchers i never got as many vouchers as mothers overall i had good view of school before this i just felt forgotten compared to theirs especially when they send an attendance women round every 2 weeks to wave at child from the window not one parent ive spoken too had this women calling round,i felt a little picked on considering i wasn't getting anything a parcel a voucher for first 5 weeks i had some extra Xmas money put away and used that but what if i didn't ,i felt very alone and searching for correct advice has been areal nightmare late nights then homeschooling and stresses of self employed carry on and no information cant cope on this universal credit god help me in the winter when cold weather comes cant get to end of month now pre payment british gas

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