Lois N on 13 July 2021
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Q. What are your experiences of 'getting organised,' and your thoughts or plans about 'getting out'?
Hi All, That’s a really inspiring story. Hope little one gets better soon! I think my getting organised was deciding not to be silent about significant issues. About learning through supporting my son with additional needs, having to fight, going through court and still being let down. Deciding I had enough and speaking out have helped me tremendously. Through social media, I have used art, photography and writing to work through some of the difficult elements of my childhood and adulthood. I was abused multiple times as a very young child and young person. I was diagnosed with mental illness as a young girl when it is actually significant early trauma that has shaped my life. It has led to further exploitation and my having huge challenges in adulthood. It has shaped my sense of self worth and value massively. I am currently balancing my life and am in therapy working out a way forward. Speaking out, educating myself, and working out I am not alone, has been a long journey for me, and I am grateful to feel better, more whole. This last couple of years had been a culmination of all of that experience, but with me reaching out for help and looking for ways to move on and be part of positive change. In particular I advocate for survivors of child sexual abuse, child trafficking, DV and vulnerable kids with additional social, emotional and behavioural difficulties as a result of significant trauma. I am now a Governor at my sons school, this helps to participate in change and kids’ futures. Plus the positive development of academic institutions approaches to traditional and new challenges from children and communities. We work together for positive learning and change. I feel Covid Realities is very much part of this process for me, of feeling empowered and heard. I believe social injustice is systemic and in particular, stigmas around having to claim benefits, regardless of circumstances, are many and mostly incredibly unfair. It polarises society and affects treatment of individuals and families across the board, therefore creating pockets in society where people are ripe for exploitation. My feelings about this are driving my involvement in speaking out and educating those around me, and I’m proud of myself for achieving what I have and do, every day. It is not often at all that I say that. Thanks for reading.
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