Charlotte P on 12 October 2020
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Q. Are you on Universal Credit?
Q. How has the extra £20 a week helped?
It is days like today I wish I was availing of the £20 extra UC payment. I had an emergency today. My daughter who just started secondary school was in a taxi as the bus doesn't get her in on time due to new Covid staggered times. The taxi was involved in a crash. I needed to get to immediately. I budget down to the last penny. Due to Covid the ambulance didn't arrive and emergency advised we get to A&E immediately. I forked out on 2 taxis over £12. I'd do anything to get to my child but the poverty of UC does not give any space for emergency situations never mind luxuries. I hate living like this. I never experienced this on income support. I always had money to set aside for emergencies.
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