Charlotte P on 22 August 2020

Universal Credit are hounding me to get a job after a lot of years of not having one. I am a qualified teacher and I know I have skills beyond that if I choose an assistant job rather than the pressures of a teacher. However due to CoVid I have received emails from my son's primary school and my daughter new secondary school and it appears that if 1 child exhibits any CoVid symptoms that the whole bubble of their classroom will be sent home and to quarantine for 14 days. if I get a job will my new boss understand I am in 1 week and off for 2? I feel so much pressure at the minute. I am dying to go back to work but in reality is this the best time to be hounding single mothers? I have no family who can swoop in and mind my children. Local Belfast childminders have no spaces especially as you spaces. This system is already quite pressurising without pushes parents into further stress and mental health anxieties by forcing them to work during an already scary situation. Childen in Belfast start school next week. it's early days. UC back off until they are settled and until we know that there isn't going to be a 2nd wave. I seriously think the UC system and CoVid stress is trying to kill off the low income families through this unncessary stress and anxiety. it's lucky I am a strong woman but I'm not going to lie it's been a rollercoaster between UC and CoVid related annoyances.

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