Lois N on 07 June 2021
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Q. What haven't you told us yet, which feels important to you?
Hi, I've been away for a little while, not very well, and been just busy. Now that life's opening back up again for people in the UK, we've been here. there and everywhere visiting people, which has just been lovely. I've had two vaccinations, which is a relief. Opening up again comes with its own issues, more expense. I've been trying to also look at changing my home situation. But I have a mortgage and I'm of a certain age so I can only get a shorter mortgage, if I change properties, although there's a lot of value in my property and I'm penalized for that. I have great Credit rating but getting credit is really difficult. It's such a hard position to be in because of being on benefits, which would not be my original choice. My son has gone back to school and struggled. There's lots of really elevated issues going on for him but we've got lots of support in place, thankfully. Really aware of the political landscape at the moment and feeling quite desperate about it. But trying very hard to just keep going. And that's about the size of it, really. I realised, I don't want to live where I live during lockdown, and during covid. Covid has really made me reassess what lifestyle I want for my family and myself.
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