Victoria B on 18 January 2021

Getting pretty worried about the £20 cut. I know I've not felt the benefit of having the extra £20 but by the time they cut it is also when my advance repayments stop, I was looking forward to getting a debt paid off and having a little extra money to pay towards kids, who will soon need new shoes again cos they didn't stop growing in lockdown. Why can't they let us have a £500 bonus (which I'd use to pay off creditors like studio -useful for buying clothes for kids on a monthly repayment but still debt I wish I'd not had to take out) but also keep the £20 per week. A one off payment that won't last longer than a few days, if that long, for most people isn't worth the loss of £100 each month. If it's a choice, it rather have the £20 per week, cos it's what would actually go towards food and bills long term. Both would be best. Cos if they gave us £500 without taking the £20 away, that £500 could do to boosting the economy. A shopping trip for anything other than food is quite the luxury indeed. Hate how powerless I feel in all this. At the end of the day, I feel like my opinion on the money I receive isn't important, choices that affect my life, my children's lives, the lives of millions around the country, are made by a few privileged men with no real experience of what it's like to be so dependant and food insecure. I'd love to see Johnson or Sunak try raising their families on what they think we can live on. Walk a mile in our shoes and they may see how the system we have doesn't work. But they won't. Cos they don't actually care. After the black death there were peasant revolts. Maybe after covid we may have to do something similar, otherwise how will we be able to feed our children through the next recession.

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