What impact will this new lockdown have on you and your family?: "The kickdown isn't a huge deal too me really, my family and I have been shielding most of the year. Just talking to neighbours, people on zoom, that sort of thing. I worry abiut my children's social skills, but I'm also sure those will be fine once things get back to normal. Mostly I'm working on preparing for Christmas. Trying to motivate myself to clean the house (I'm struggling in that department lately) and my eldest is grumpy that she can't get the things she would usually get outside of lock down (treats from local shops, etc. All my money goes on bills, food and Christmas at the minute). My youngest doesn't seem to phased, he is happy to wave to people as he sees them out the window, talk over fences. My daughter has never really been a people person, but I think the lack of external stimuli is getting to her. I'm trying to cheer her up with the ideal of cleaning the house and putting up decorations. Christmas feels like it's both a long way off and just around the corner. And goodness know we need some cheer, lock down or no."

Victoria B
Nov 9, 2020

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