What impact will this new lockdown have on you and your family?: "Ordinarily the lockdown hasn't had much impact on me apart from the fact that I can't go out when I want to but being disabled that's not an issue. Anyway, the main issue for me with the lockdown now is the fact that I was due to spinal cord surgery last Monday and because of the spiking curses Leeds General infirmary, even though my operation is urgent. It was actually cancelled for the second time, and I've absolutely no idea when I'm going to Be asked to come in again for my surgery. The impact of this on me is the fact that I'm because of I've got degenerative cervical myelopathy means that I'm becoming more paralyzed from the neck down and it's just going to leave me in more pain with more difficulty walking reduce manual dexterity and any damage that has been done won't be operated on time to make a difference if any at all."

Meg T
Nov 8, 2020

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