Gracie H on 13 February 2021
Q. How has the pandemic impacted your monthly budget?

ockdown and working from home- So much more money spent on heating and food. I cannot tell you how much more we seem to be eating!!!! I’ve tried packing lunches like normal and only eating these and fruit to snack on, and it hasn’t worked. It’s the boredom obviously. Heating wise, my costs have doubled. I sit wearing so many layers and wrapped in a couple of blankets and it’s miserable. So so miserable. So the heating goes on when we can’t stand it anymore. My daughter does her online lessons fully dressed but under her duvet. She’s year 11, so is already facing so much pressure. Studying while shivering is a ridiculous way to be spending this precious pre exam period. I’ve borrowed money from family purely to top up the gas. I’m lucky to be able to do this. I don’t know what we would do otherwise.

On the flip side, I have spent less money on petrol as we aren’t going anywhere. The money here is spent on the thirteen million extra snacks we are getting through.

PPE to do my job when I’m not working from home/for my daughter when she’s in school has also cost £40+. This covers the masks (I had to buy extra as my daughter’s school decided to make plain black ones essential when I had previously bought other colours, so this was an even bigger outlay), hand sanitiser which I could only get from my local shop as everywhere else was out of stock but they doubled the prices, and face masks. Employers should be providing these!!!

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