Syeda F on 17 May 2021

From today (unless the so-called Indian variant puts us back in to lockdown again) we can go out and socialise more. Which as a benefit claimant simply means more cost. I know that sounds miserable, or ungrateful. But it cannot be avoided - it is going to cost me more now as the girls start going out with their friends.

Even just this weekend my eldest daughter, legally visiting a school friend of hers and having a take away tea in her back garden, set me back an unexpected £10. It was all last minute so the extras from a meal I had frozen during the week, which I had defrosted for her, was wasted. Don't get me wrong, I loved the fact she was going out with her own friends after having had a dark winter, locked away alone, mostly in her bedroom.

This shouldn't be a big thing - she should be making last minute plans and going out and enjoying herself. And she is - but I saw the cost of this first, before feeling happy she was going out.

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