Syeda F on 12 August 2020

Less money and society opened up means a lot less cash to go on food, clothes, etc.

I work from home 2.5 days a week (which saves a lot on petrol) and at work the other 2.5 days. Work have been great in that they provided a food allowance for 3mths and now are providing £1.20 pd when working at home for electricity (both of which I was surprised to see UC did not take in to account)

I am managing to budget but with two main provisos: I do without on many things (eg I do not have a clothes budget for me, I dont know how I am going to get the school uniform, I have no "entertainment" budget, I buy own brand on food, etc). My second proviso is I use sites such as Prolific (a research site that pays money). I get around £30pm from this which will not really go towards bills but does go towards pocket money. A treat.

My girls do well as their mother is in a very well paid job as is her partner. So I know they will never go without from her. But I try to provide what I can for them myself. That isn't a Covid thing though - that's just being a lone parent on benefits.

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