Lois N on 26 March 2021
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Q. What does Covid Realities mean to you right now?
Hi, I got involved with Covid Realities via Child Poverty Action Group. I'd already done some work with them around poverty and child poverty in particular. So Covid Realities as a project couldn't have really come at a better time for me as I lost my sister. My son had just told his father that he didn't want to see him anymore, which is a very big deal. His father is, has been very abusive, and we've been through the court system. So last year was a year of tremendous reflection and Covid Realities the project gave me an opportunity to have mine and my son's voices heard. It felt really important to do something and this project has really, really opened my eyes. One of the great things about it is definitely the people who are involved and speaking with other people in the same position and seeing the positive work really that's going on around it has made me feel like I'll never be alone again, and I won't be silent about things I really care about.
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