Syeda F on 17 May 2021
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Q. How is your trust in government and the media?
Having lived through 10 years of austerity my trust in this particular Tory brand of government was already low. But I think the pandemic and the way certain high up members of the government acted have worsened my trust in them. Delayed actions, "U" turns, breaking rules themselves and still spouting the mantra of "following the experts" all point to not being in control. Passing around contracts to their mates off the back of an "unprecedented" crisis, or the need to act quickly (itself due to acting late), shows they cannot be trusted. As for the media, it depends where you look. I think you always have to look at different media and never accept just one place. My view of the media has not changed due to the pandemic. I still think big media organisations should invest in more experts because it really infuriates me when I hear a journalist spout off some trope about benefit claimants when it is not fact. People pick this up and spread it too and the damage is done. BBC, Guardian are all guilty of this and they are the better media.
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