"My biggest fear is the future of our children. Their education has suffered and Im still trying to help my 2 children catch up on all those lost months of work. However the biggest fear is the effects CoVid and Universal Credit and Lockdown has had on their emotional wellbeing. The schools and the community do notappear to be doing enoughto deal with all of this. I understand children are resilient but I have a non diagnosed child who still has non diagnostic needs which are not being met. He is afraid that schools will close again for good. Some of the other year classes are off. He doesnt understand why he is in school and they are off. He doesnt understand why the boy who sits next to him has to be off becauseits hard to explain to a 6 year old that the boys mummy doesnt have child care for her other son who was sent home from school due to 1 class mate testing positive. "

Charlotte P
Oct 11, 2020

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