Enzo J on 22 July 2021
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Q. Do you get free school meals and what difference do they make?
Hello I received free school meals but I find myself having to make pack lunches for 3 out of the 5 days anyway as the selection for the meals is very limited and I have a child who doesn't eat a lot of the food cooked for the meals at school there's only 2 choices per day and most of the days my child will not eat the food at all so I buy pack lunches. My child does not always get enough time to eat at school so she comes back with half the pack lunch in her lunch box still and tells me they only gave her enough time to eat her sandwich, wasting the food. My child has also been called a gannet at school because she ate fast for her age which infuriated me and now she doesn't have time to eat her lunch because she's eating slowly because she doesn't want to be insulted again. I have called out the person who called her this and also complained to the school office she's not the only child who doesn't get enough time speaking to other parents they say their child tells them the same thing I've asked asked school but nothing she's also had food taken away from her in the lunch hall when she wasn't finished and told to go play? I feel a bit more confident with pack lunches as I can see how much she has been allowed to eat before being told your done go play so school dinners aren't always the best plan in my eyes. I remember my school dinners at school there was a selection in the food hall and we were allowed to go up for seconds if we wanted to and the rest of the school had eaten theirs as well. I was never told to go play because I was done and I never had my food taken from me I also only started eating vegetables because of the school dinners but there's very little choice for vegetables in the two choices of dinners they prepare each day in my child's school. Luckily my child prefers vegetables to anything else including sweets.
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