Lois N on 13 July 2021
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Q. What is your preferred way of getting in touch with DWP and what is important to you when you get in touch with them?
Hi, thanks for the question. I really love the journal. I think it's brilliant for getting in touch with you. Although there is no replacement for a human. It's nice to be recognised and treated with humanity when we get in touch with you, to talk about our benefits. Obviously, it would be ideal to talk on the phone, but whilst that's not possible I'm really satisfied with the journal. And there have been some people who've answered me on there and been really, really helpful. My experiences, although I do think it's a dehumanising service, I also think that within the parameters that people have got you do a really good job. Certainly the people that I've come across. Although I do have anecdotal stories of some of the people working within the Jobcentre and Universal Credit being incredibly rude on the phone and desperately unhelpful. So, clearly there's two sides to every story, but my experiences with DWP, in fact have been very positive and individuals there have been really helpful.
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