Victoria B on 24 July 2020

And head this: learn from our mistakes. Value your undervalued. Prioritise potential over tax ability. How many minds are wasted in the drains of societies. My daughter loves robotics, in a fairer world she might grow up to build robots or AI. In this world she'll be lucky if she is able to find a job that pays her bills when she grows up. I tell my kids of their power and potential, I keep my truth of the realities to myself, in the hope that by the time they're grown up the world will be a fairer place. Maybe one day my children or grandchildren might read this study, might see these articles. Maybe someone will read about the woman who cries over bread and fears leaving her children unprotected far more than she fears death or pain. Perhaps people can learn from our voices, perhaps the future can be one worthy of our children's power. I'd be happy to be a whisper in history if in the future no one is left fearing homelessness or starvation. We have the resources. I hope the future will be more empathetic.

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