"I think that mums who don’t have child care or get any breaks, for example: I didn’t come from a good family and my ex boyfriend is in the navy and doesn’t get to see our son a lot, I have no other means of him being looked after by someone else a part from a nursery I’d have to pay for because he’s 6 months, obviously a lot of the time parents do need a break because it can become overwhelming. Maybe there should be a scheme for this? My support worker mentioned another woman in the same position as me but had two children, if the woman died she was worried about where her children would go and I’m in the same boat again, like her, my ex refuses to leave his job to look after our son if anything happened to me. Even if I was ill, he wouldn’t be able to come back because we aren’t together, he can only come back if Our son is ill."

Pearl N
Nov 7, 2020

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