Paige E on 10 December 2021
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Q. Boris' xmas party, omicron and possible Christmas restrictions. What do you think of this week's news?
It feels like every time we take a step forward we take another step back. I’ve had my vaccine and I’m certainly not one of the anti-vaxers but the more things happen the more I’m starting to think hold on a minute this is all looking a bit suspect. First it was get vaccinated we will be fine. Now we all need boosters. Every time you get a bit of freedom or normality there is another strain appears. I find myself terrified to spend money because I don’t know if I’m going to be out of work again due to more lockdowns. As for the parties at number 10 - a friend posted a picture of the queen sitting on her own at her husband of many years's funeral and the picture said a thousand words. More sad times ahead I think.
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