Ted S on 13 October 2020
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Q. Are you on Universal Credit?
Q. How has the extra £20 a week helped?
Being new to universal credit I cant say I have noticed any change but I will say this if it was taken away it'll push families to the brink. I am no big spender very careful with money and shop wisely, the current universal credit system can't be in line with the cost of living the way things I've seen price increases recently on food items. I cant' get past 14th of every month after been paid on the 30th of a month before that. Things I've done to get by like borrow money ask British gas for credit to pre payment meter till end of month, local church food bank, school shoes pay monthly. Yesterday I've batch cooked homemade broth for myself and put some in freezer. Hopefully if I just have that I might have more money for some more fruit and veg in shop for \[anonymised name\]
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