Paris M on 11 May 2021
Q. What is your experience of home during the pandemic?

Home during pandemic: Stressful as husband had Long-Covid for weeks during first lockdown (caught virus 30th March 2020 - he's a teacher). There was less money as I tried to distance from a retail job due to having 2 auto-immune conditions.

We were home-schooling our son (has been referred for full autism assessment in April 2021) & I worked my other job from home. It was hard as his illness & me trying tocope affected our mental health & we were both angry a lot. My husband slept alot & still sleeps in spare room sometimes as we isolated for so during lockdown 1. Things are improving for our son now, which is helping, but its been a long road of 2 years with poor sleep (issues at nursery affected his sleep in 2019, then he was worried about his Dad & the virus / no school changes in 2020).

We were very lucky we had a garden and live in a green area as this really helped and our son played in paddling pool, football & on his trampoline (arrived early Sept 2020) when homeschool got tough & I got worried about his Dad.

We had debt before, its worse now, but trying to improve things, I just got a new job 3 days a week & better pay (I earn £250 pcm from [one] job & my parents replaced my retail salary when I left that job in December to focus more on family life & job searching); so I will earn round £400 more than that combined from now on & don't need my parents to help anymore. Things will still be tight, but with a little more wriggle room & I can go on a debt plan whivh will reduce our outgoings. Unfortunately my previous career ... was totalled by 2 notices of redundancy in 3 years (2010 & 2013) so still recovering from 2008 crash and my jobs got further & further afield (longer & longer commutes)...couldn't do it anymore.

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