Meg T on 22 July 2021

It's been one week and one day since my son's assessment for Personal Independence Payment. Given the current restrictions, it was a telephone appointment. I had to listen to my 16 year old son, recently diagnosed with Atypical OCD and awaiting screening for Autism and ADHD, describe to an assessor from Independent Assessment Services aka ATOS the state of his mental health and how it has affected his ability to function in everyday life. He was on the phone for approximately 1 hour and it was the most distressing hour for both him and for me. I wasn't allowed to answer for him and it brought back some highly traumatic memories for him. Even though the assessor was very kind and pleasant, they were a Registered General Nurse by profession. This is the issue with being assessed for any disability benefit currently; professionals who are not experienced in psychiatric care, as in my son's example conducting an assessment.

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