Nellie K on 11 May 2021
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Q. What is your experience of home during the pandemic?
We moved into our house in December 2019, and I’m so glad we weren’t in our old house for the pandemic. The tiny yard was so cheek by jowl with the neighbours it would have been impossible to be outside and social distance in our own yard! Thankfully our current home has a lovely little garden, and it’s private and enclosed. It has made all the difference throughout the lockdowns. My only worry has been my landlord wanting the house back. We rent privately, this is the landlords old house, their only property. We have had previous experience of having to move out because landlords want their houses back, and so I was terrified that the pandemic would mean that the landlord wanted to move back. Thankfully they renewed our tenancy in December 2020, but it is only yearly. It’s always my fear with rented property, you can never feel completely secure.
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