Paris M on 05 April 2021
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Q. Are you claiming Universal Credit?
Q. UC is a digital benefit. How do you feel about computers making decisions about benefits?
We claim tax credits and I find the online system really frustrating as it forever says I can't do anything on my online account, that I have to call. To be honest I'd be much happier making small changes online (eg updating bank details) and only calling or using paper forms for big changes (eg changing job, or changing hours). I may be switched to UCs soon anyway, as our 5 year old going through assessment for ASD, so we may be eligible for Carers Allowance / DLA etc. as a family and that will change our circumstances all over again. Things got worse for us with benefits system and income anyway in 2018/19 as I was forced to give up full-time work when his nursery made a major hash of referring him for ALN support and provided absolutely sub-standard care over a lengthy period. The stress was too much...the issues were so bad that it even led to a joint police/SS investigation in July 2019 as he was likely sexually assaulted by a staff member there; he disclosed to us age 4. I've got to be honest, we wouldn't be in the financial situation we're in now and claiming tax credits if they'd looked after him properly, followed proper procedures and done their job properly. Their manager was so poor she was finally made to leave in Dec 2018. I left my job Sept 2018.
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