Georgie O on 02 September 2020

I do think it's a shame it take a celebratory to get the Gov to listen when there so many charity and originations trying to do just this. The Gov has still messed up in many ways but at least some form of help has been issued to family's that would otherwise get free school meals. He hopes to now I crease the Healthy Start Vouchers which is overdue to be increased anyway. Along side this we have still seen a massive increase of family's needing help to feeding their selves and family's. There is no longer a stereotypical customer we have many people asking for help from many different backgrounds and life today. Our increase of food markets was supposed to be for holiday HUNGER though I feel we are going to have to keep our extras two days open to keep up with the increase of demands. We are also finding it hard to get the amount of supplies in with a variety of stock to. It would be nice to see a decrease of people needing help before Christmas.

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