Enzo J on 19 November 2020

having issues at my child's school the other day I turned up to find her in only her t-shirt and her tights I had to get her dressed outside the school was very unsettling and no one had any answers for me, not only that's she get her lunch taken from her if she don't eat it quick enough but she only eats slowly because they had the audacity to comment on the way she was eating which also stopped her from eating for nearly a week, when I finally got it out of her why she wasn't eating I told her that there's nothing wrong with the way she eats and pulled the teacher who said it to her up the very next day which I don't think she liked very much coz now she won't even talk to me (good thing she ain't my child's keyworker I'd never get told anything, not like I do anyways I have to find out from my child) we had school photos taken the other day which I was appalled by the photos looked like the photographer couldn't be bothered my chid was squinting in one of them like she had been blinded before hand and the other she had her eyes closed probably from being blinded and they want £30+ for the photos??? when I asked why they was so badly taken they didn't even seem to care and just said no one else has said anything even though I've asked all the parents in the class and from others as they are friends of mine from before my child started there and all of them apart from 3 or 4 said they didn't like them and that they wasn't going to be paying for them my child looked disappointed with them which made me quite upset I don't know what this school is thinking but it making me feel uneasy sending her to school as I don't think she's being looked after at all coz these are only a few of the things troubling me about this as they've made several mistakes which they haven't answered when I've called it into question. Even the head teacher doesn't seem to care at all about any of it

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