Mindy S on 18 May 2021

I didn't vote in the last election. I was finally eligible to do so after waiting ages for my pre-settlement status. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. No party cares or is talking about people who were left behind during Covid, specifically children like my British son, who through no fault of their own have one non-British parent like me. I'm a Zambrano carer. We are more often than not single women of colour and we are banned from accessing mainstream benefits to discourage benefits tourism. Not even child benefit. If my son lived with his British father then he would be entitled to state help, but because I'm his mother and he lives with me, I cannot claim any help. I got a job yesterday and after my calculations I realised it only leaves me a £100 over after rent (in a 1 bedroom flat) and childcare for me to work. So I must buy food, pay council tax, transport, clothing, medicine and everything else on a £100. We aren't even entitled to a council house or housing benefit to help. How is that not criminal? The alternative is continue living in one room in a 13 bedroom B&B with shared facilities with drug addicts and alcoholics and live off £74 a week. But even my social worker is warning support will be cut off soon and I must become self sufficient soon. How? These British children are not all that British are they?

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