Meg T on 13 February 2021

My third Covid reality is that my life is now measured in the number of boxes that arrive at my house with my online shopping seeing as I'm trying to shield as much as possible. Whilst I hate shopping anyway, online shopping fulfils my needs perfectly, but unfortunately, I dislike my reliance on Amazon and on bigger organisations who can offer cheaper prices because they push out the small traders who quite simply can't compete. So for me it is a double edged sword.

Furthermore, because I have difficulty securing shopping slots with Tesco - my favoured supermarket, my life is becoming a series of subscriptions - toilet roll, meat, fruit and vegetables which although great quality, work out more pricey compared to the supermarkets. But even subscription sites can only offer slots when they have them available, so you have to join a waiting list. I never thought it would come to this. For those who don't have access to the internet to find shopping slots etc if they can't get to shops, the risk of food insecurity is a very real prospect.

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