Howie P on 03 December 2021
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Q. How does Covid continue to affect you and your family?
Hello Ruth, sorry to hear about your covid house! We have just come out of the same scenario ourselves and I am a single parent. It was pretty tough actually and one of my kids who didn't get a positive test did the caring for everyone else. I wasn't quite right after my 10 days of isolation and actually had 3 weeks out of work. I am back this week but it is a very physical job, working outdoors with children and young people with a lot of big physical movement, lifting, carrying and emotional energy involved and so I have been a bit worried about how I would cope and perform. Like you I am not back to my previous self yet but am happy to be out of the house! We are behind though on lots of basic domestic chores and tiredness is making it hard to catch up. The first lockdowns were tricky for us as we also had no car and live in a rural village with no shops or transport and so I had then started to have certain things delivered to the house so we could eat and survive. I have mostly let this continue as it did highlight our extreme isolation and sadly also lack of community support. We managed during this last covid outbreak in our house as I felt I was becoming unwell and then made sure that I prepped as much as possible incase I was out of action. I'm glad I did. I am grateful we are all o.k. enough and didn't need hospital or other intervention but it was a really unpleasant experience and thanks for highlighting the struggles that single parents and others who are isolated may have in this covid scenario.
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